Take A Shine To This Fresh Finishing Lotion

Is there such thing as hair that's too shiny? We think not. It's one of those qualities that can't reach excessive status. So regardless of if you're wearing your hair curly or straight, voluminous or demure, long or short, shine is on the to-do list.

And shine is essentially the only thing EVOLVh SuperFinish Polishing Balm is concerned with. Usable on wet or dry hair, it flattens frizz and fly-aways to help create a more light-reflective surface, whether you air-dry or blow-dry.

A proprietary blend of 20 different herbal extracts in an aqueous base ensures that hair is moisturized to the point of gleaming gorgeousness. The fresh-scented formula can be reapplied whenever you deem necessary-even right before flat-ironing, for an incredibly glossy finish.

SuperFinish may not make your hair fuller or bouncier or frozen in place, but it will leave you with an enviable brilliance that anyone would want.