Better Blowouts All Week Long

I've been meaning to go to my hairstylist, Jennifer, to get a long-overdue keratin treatment to tame my puffy, frizzy, why-do-I-live-in-Florida hair, but my calendar has been packed with far less glamorous obligations. So when a vacation was approaching and my hair still hadn't been keratin-calmed, I turned to a fast, temporary alternative.

Garnier Fructis recently introduced Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector, a patented two-step smoothing kit that promises to tame frizz and make blow-drying faster and easier-not once, but through as many as seven washings. Although I was well aware that this wasn't as long-lasting as a keratin treatment, I knew it would be the quick fix I needed to enjoy low-maintenance hair on my several-day getaway-if it worked, that is.

First, after washing my hair (but not conditioning), I applied the Smooth-It Serum, an odoriferous formula that uses cysteine, an amino acid, that works to make hair more manageable and less frizzy. After 20 minutes, I rinsed it out and followed it up with Heat-Activated Perfector Cream, which seals in smoothness with the help of a blow-dryer.

As recommended, I went a step further and also flat-ironed my hair to really block out humidity.

Even though Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector isn't technically a straightener or relaxer, I found it's an excellent alternative to exactly that kind of salon treatment when you're pressed for time and/or cash. My hair has behaved beautifully, despite humidity and hair-washings.

Now I have one more reason to continue postponing a keratin treatment!