A True Breakthrough In Beautiful Hair Color

With all the advancements we've seen in beauty science, it's safe to say that hair color has evolved slower than other areas. L'Oréal PROFESSIONNEL, however, is introducing what's arguably the most dramatic development in the permanent color process salons have seen in years.

INOA, touted as "the hair color of the future," sets itself apart from other kinds of hair color in multiple ways. The unusually wide variety of no-surprise shades has been shown cover evenly from scalp to ends, even when white hair is present. It's capable of lightening hair up to three shades without ammonia-an alkaline agent called MEA is used instead-and, remarkably, without an odor.

In addition to being gentler on the scalp, INOA also goes easier on hair's lipid barrier, allowing for a softer texture and vibrant look.

INOA's impressive abilities are largely due to it ODS (oil delivery system) technology, which has been developed to maximize the three-step system. No matter the color, hair feels softer to the touch after several applications.

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