A Bit More Fullness For Your Bust And Butt

When you think of plumping products, the first area that comes to mind is probably the lips. But let's be honest-plenty of us could use some plumping help elsewhere. That's why the minds behind Professional Solutions formulated Intense Plumping Lotion for basically every other part of the body that could benefit from fullness.

Whether it's your breasts or buttocks that long to be more luscious, Intense Plumping Lotion addresses the issue with Volufiline. This trademarked ingredient is made with zhi mu, a Chinese herb that stimulates fat storage wherever it's applied-sans hormones.

Intense Plumping Lotion isn't limited to your décolleté and derrière. If you've experienced the kind of fat loss that ages your cheeks and hands, it may work for you there, too.

Although it's not the same as injectable or surgical results, this affordable formula makes an excellent effort in the quest for a more shapely you.