Stop Hair From Sizzling With A Modern-Day Spray

Back in '60s, my mother used to iron her hair-but not the way we do it now. She used a clothing iron to sear her strands into submission, bending over the ironing board and praying that she didn't touch down on her ear or neck.

You can imagine how much harsher that was than today's flat irons, so the fact there were no products around to protect hair from heat damage makes the idea even crazier. Needless to say, it makes the name of the brand behind Beat The Heat Thermal Styling Shield Spray all the more accurate: Not Your Mother's.

This deliciously scented pre-iron (or pre-dryer or pre-curler) spray infuses vulnerable locks with vitamins A and E to ensure a strong response to the impending styling onslaught. A moisturizing dose of sunflower seed extract and glycerin keeps hair from drying out under the hottest conditions.

And speaking of heat, the sun doesn't stand a chance at doing damage, because the formula keeps protecting against UV rays long after you're done doing your 'do.