A Little Black Magic For Brighter Skin

Who says a brightening product has to be bright itself? Not Boscia. They recently introduced the intriguingly effective Luminizing Black Mask, and this deep, dark treatment leads to a radiant, clear complexion.

With every application of the Lumizing Black Mask, you're spreading on a blend of mineral-rich montmorillonite clay, antioxidant-rich pine bark extract, clarifying witch hazel, and anti-inflammatory rosemary. In about 20 minutes, an exchange takes place: the benefits of the ingredients are deposited, while impurities prepare to exit.

As if seeing yourself in the inky mask isn't fun enough, you peel it off. And with it goes pore-clogging, blemish-inducing excess oil and bacteria, as well as skin-dulling dead cells.

An innovative approach to exfoliation, detoxification and line-reduction, Luminizing Black Mask is definitely one of our favorite new fall formulas.