Healthy Hairspray For Every Step Of Styling

I've never considered myself a hairspray kind of girl, but some of the styles I've been gravitating towards lately just won't work without it. For example, I attempted to wear a thin headband, only to find little awkward-length pieces sticking up all willy-nilly. Hairspray was the only thing that would help me achieve a sleek, non-electrified look.

The one I reached for is definitely more than just plain old hairspray. Spirulina Hair Spray by Byron is one of the most nature-driven formulas I've ever seen, packed with extracts like apple, hops, henna, sunflower, lemon and, of course, spirulina. This title ingredient is a special kind of algae that offers hair a healthy dose of protein, vitamins and minerals, so you're essentially treating your hair as you style it.

Formulated for every step of the styling process, Spirulina Hair Spray can be used as you're shaping your strands, to create volume, and to set your final look. And I'm very happy with its ability to do exactly that. Whenever I use it, my hair stays where I intended, without looking stiff or dirty.

I may just be a hairspray kind of girl after all-as long as we're talking about this kind of hairspray.