Babies' Skin Secret: Capturing The Benefits In A Cream

Spend a half-hour in a bath, and your skin will start to crinkle with saturation. So why is it, after nine months in a wet womb, that a baby has such smooth skin when it's born?

The secret is a safeguarding substance called vernix caseosa, or VC, which essentially waterproofs the fetus and then hydrates and purifies the newborn. Because it has such amazing and unique properties, including the ability to heal ulcers, scientists are trying to create a synthetic cream that mimics VC.

The key to VC is a combination of water, lipids, and epidermal cells, so their exact balance was closely studied by Dutch specialists. Using lanolin as a source of lipids, they successfully recreated the ultimate moisturizer.

The cream holds great potential for treating compromised, dry and even normal skin in people of all ages, offering a way for the skin barrier to recover more quickly and effectively.

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    Hi Jessica, Nest time you're in Southern California come by and visit us! You can get Epicensial on line and my grandchildren (and their parents) love this line of skin care. We actually just found out that we're going to have a 12th grandchild!

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    I'm a big believer in organic products for both adults and children, and I've been searching for products for my family. I looked at your website Veronica, and am eager to take advice from someone that has been helping people with their skin care needs for over 30 years! I'm looking forward to trying Epicensial baby products, and I wish I lived in Southern California so that I could visit your Spa.

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    Children five and under have skin functions that begin to mature. They begin to take over some of their personal grooming. Many children of this age spend time in group-care settings, increasing contact with bacteria and viruses. Establishing good skin care habits with products that reduce exposure to harmful chemicals is essential to creating a lifetime of health and well being. This line of products is infused with Episencial aromatherapy oil blends, which provide a skin care experience that promotes bonding, awakens the senses and nurtures the soul. Our clients are falling in love with it so much, they're using it for their skin care routine! It makes your baby happy.

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    Baby skin is the most beautiful and it's great that scientist are trying to find a cream that can mimic vernix caseosa. Since opening Veronica Skin & Body Care Center in 1981, I've always carried a line of skin care products for babies, so I'm happy to know about VC. My search for products that are pure and have a real impact on health and well-being led me to Episencial Baby Skin Care. It is the first skin care line that is designed to support the development and immune system of baby skin using 100% certified organic ingredients and are completely free of unhealthy chemical residues. Since having twelve grandchildren this ranks high in my search for the best in baby skin care. To understand how the skin contributes to the body's overall state of health, parents need to know that baby skin has unique features and needs special care to help it stay healthy. A baby's skin has different stages in development. Newborn's & Preemie's skin is thin, permeable and isn't functioning at full capacity. The skin is therefore very vulnerable to its surrounding, especially environmental toxins from personal care products, food, clothing and cleaning supplies. During this phase it is essential to limit contact with any synthetic chemicals and to support the skin's barrier properties with pure products that help build skin strength and thickness. Infant's and toddler's skin function develops and the surface thickens, however it is not producing enough melanin, sweat or natural oils to maintain necessary moisture and act as the bodies first line of defense. Baby's growing independence results in exposure, making hydrating, protective and anti-inflammatory skin care an additional priority.

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