Fall Fingernail Fashion: Khaki Is The New Black

Each fall, we look to Chanel to set the tone-literally-for the season's chicest nail polish. Autumn after autumn, they introduce a new shade of Le Vernis Nail Color that inevitably sells out and inspires copycat colors at the drugstore. (Who do you think started the black polish trend?) For 2010, the color is khaki, with three interpretations available to the swiftest shoppers.

Classic in pants form-something Chanel knows a thing a thing or two about-khaki is a fresh concept for fingertips. And true to khaki's variable spirit, Chanel couldn't create just one shade. Global Creative Director Peter Philips came up with Khaki Brun, Khaki Vert and Khaki Rose to fully represent this textile-inspired hue's range.

This collection offers an edgy way to wear a preppy color, and can even be worn together to create a camouflage effect. But we'll be amazed if anyone can get their fingers on all three polishes. Like every seasonal sensation before them, Les Khakis De Chanel are sure to sell out in record time.

Look for them at department stores, Chanel boutiques and online starting September 10.