Protect Your Skin From Premature Environment-Induced Aging

As a beauty editor, I'm lucky to have a seemingly endless line of moisturizers volunteering to be applied and tried. Sometimes I use them for a day, sometimes for months, but I usually make an effort to sample them in the order in which I've received them. But one product in particular struck me as so made-for-me that I broke my own rules and rushed it to the front of the line.

I'm currently using and enjoying Derma Cellular Detoxifying Vitamin Cream SPF 15 from Babor's highest-perfomance collection yet, Doctor Babor. Upon reading the description, I immediately knew it would fulfill many of the needs my skin concerns create.

This moisturizer protects and decontaminates skin, giving environmental aggressors, pollutants and UV rays a run for their money. High doses of vitamins A, C and E amp up the antioxidant impact to help prevent the premature signs of extrinsic aging I've become so hyper-aware of as I've settled into my early 30s.

Although it looks surprisingly rich, Detoxifying Vitamin Cream is light and fluffy, absorbing with ease and leaving skin feeling fresh.

This will definitely be my day cream for much more than just a few days. The other moisturizers will just have to wait!