Baby Your Hair With A Gentle Gel

Whether babies need hair gel is debatable. There are some pretty chic babies out there, sporting some seriously out-of-control 'dos, so we can see why some parents are tempted to reach for some styling goop. But little scalps can be hugely sensitive, so grown-up gel may be harsh on babies' heads.

That was exactly the concern that led to the creation of Le Baby, a chemical- and fragrance-free hair gel for the toddling set. Tami Dimmerman wanted to tame her daughter's fly-aways, but was worried that regular hair gel would upset little Chloe's eczema. So she formulated her own blend of natural ingredients that works just as well without any irritation.

Still not convinced that baby hair needs styling? Try Le Baby for yourself. This gentle gel is perfect for anyone with a sensitive scalp!