Our Kind Of First Aid Kit!

Sure, Band-Aids and Neosporin are something we all need on-hand. But any beauty junkie knows that those little helpers only go so far. What a girl really needs to get through any stressful situation is the Survive kit by This Works.

This box o' brilliance has five look-good, feel-good problem solvers. The Quick Spritz is a soothing, moisturizing face spray will aloe juice and palmarosa oil; Turbo Balm is a cocoa and rose-infused lip saver; Stay Cool is a relieving eye serum with cucumber and arnica; Breathe In is a calming inhaler; and One For All is an antiseptic, use-it-where-you-need-it essential oil blend.

Bursting with aromatherapy, Survive makes a fabulous gift for a friend with a hectic schedule. Just remember to get one for yourself, too, Stressy McStresserton.