The Next Best Thing To A Professional Peel

We don't always have the time or money to visit a doctor for a professional peel with prescription-level percentages of exfoliating acids. However, if you have a potent at-home option, you can achieve similar results.

One option that recently came to our attention is Celloxylin MD 20EX Acid Peel. The 20 in the title refers to the strength, percentage-wise, of the acid complex in the formula. Glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids team up to fade the effects of environmental damage and transform skin's clarity.

This no-scrubbing-required exfoliator boosts skin's firmness by encouraging collagen and elastin production, leading to fast and future results. Meanwhile, the blend of natural oils from cedar, geranium, rosemary, ginger, lemongrass and citrus ensure skin is supple.

It only takes five minutes twice a week to start noticing a youthful difference.