Exfoliate Your Over-Styled Hair

There's quite a bit of irony in trying lots of styling and treatment products to beautify your hair. The more products you pile on, the more buildup forms, preventing the formulas from doing their duties. So take a hint from your skin care: in order to penetrate, you must exfoliate.

Calista Tools has come up with a brilliant buildup buster called Exfoliation Shine Remedy Shampoo. Obviously, it doesn't exfoliate in the traditional, literal way-you won't find little scrubbing particles in this gentle, gelatinous cleanser. But it goes much farther than a traditional shampoo, effectively eliminating that ingredient-obstructing film left by styling products. This action, combined with a proprietary penetration-enhancing ingredient called ProElement, leaves hair more receptive to hair-transforming treatments like Calista Tools' Ice Shine Remedy Treatment.

Packed with its own health-enhancing ingredients-vitamins A, C and E, white tea and copper, to name a few-Exfoliation Shampoo is ideal for those who prefer fewer washings, as it removes that extra day or two's worth of product accumulation with ease.