A Short In-Shower Treatment For Longer-Lasting Color

You love how your hair looks after getting it dyed or highlighted at the salon, but doesn't that glossy, freshly colored look seem to last all of five minutes? Well, luckily, that's all the time it takes to prevent a fast fade-out.

The Intensive Treatment Hair Mask was created by New Jersey's Gatsby salon as part of their Color Retention System. Paraben-free and peptide-full, it preserves hair's vibrancy and richness with the proprietary StrandGuard Complex.

Even when hair is stressed out, this mask reinvigorates color and amps up shine with an array of proteins, vitamins, and moisture-boosting botanical extracts like avocado oil, olive oil, white tea, horsetail, algae, apple and cactus.

With its addictive scent and fortifying effects, it's easy and enjoyable to add five minutes to the end of your shower once or twice a week in order to ensure your hair's hue stays brilliant.