A Creamy Serum To Up Skin's Suppleness

When we think about serums, we usually picture a clear substance that falls somewhere between oil and gel in our minds' viscometer. But the latest serum from Fleur's is a milky mixture, almost like a lotion-and for good reason.

Absolute Moisturizing Serum is simply too moisturizing to fit the normal serum mold. Opaque yet lightweight, its ingredients simply function better on skin's surface in this atypical presentation.

Those ingredients include shea butter, extracts from blue orchid and grapefruit seed, and oils of soybean, sunflower and jojoba seed-the kind of blend you'd expect to see in the most sumptuous body butter. But in this format, it works wonders on dehydrated facial skin, recapturing a supple texture and radiant look.

An instant favorite in France, Absolute Moisturizing Serum can be found in various American spas.