Collagen Support In A Smart, Chic Supplement

When we think of British beauty brand Rodial, we immediately think of their glamtox line of topical wrinkle-reducing products. And now, the collection has expanded to include an anti-aging innovation that works from the inside out: glamtox STICKS.

Said "sticks" are actually skinny packets of a powder supplement that you add to your drinking water once a day. Sweetened with black currant, the mix is made up of ingredients you're probably used to reading on the side of moisturizer and serum packaging, like collagen, peptides and pomegranate.

Effective externally, these components work well internally, too, giving skin the nourishing support it needs to look noticeably younger. In fact, Rodial is boasting a 30% line-lessening effect in about three months.

With more and more research pointing to certain dietary supplements making a measurable outward impact, glamtox STICKS will surely find itself among the favorites in the burgeoning beauty-from-within arena.