The Ultimate Event Hairspray

Big events call for big hair. And once you get the lofty look you're going for, you want it to stay that way until you declare the evening over.

So, what if you had a hairspray that not only held your hair in place, but helped you achieve that full, fun style?

That's exactly what Nick Chavez's Volumizing Extra Hold Hairspray is made to do. The fast-drying formula can be used during the styling process to ensure a more sizable outcome-just spritz your roots while you lift or tease with a brush.

And of course, once every strand is in place, you can mist your whole head to strongly set your mane masterpiece.

It may not be an everyday hairspray (unless you're Snooki), but it comes through in the clutch when you need to make a major entrance-and exit.