Claire Danes Is Batting A Thousand With Her Newly Luscious Lashes

Claire Danes isn't just a celebrity. As an actress, and a recently Emmy-nominated one at that, she's proven her ability to go to great lengths and show a darker side. And as the new, younger face of Latisse, her eyelashes have done the same.

We spoke to the 31-year-old newlywed (she married British actor Hugh Dancy last year) about her lash transformation, which she says came in stages: "They grew longer first, and then they became fuller, and then they became darker."

She started noticing a difference about four weeks into using Latisse, with the full effect apparent after four months. But it was when she saw her own before and after photos, shown here, that she understood the extent of the difference.

"I was definitely aware of the growth, but I had a much greater appreciation of just how dramatic the change was by looking at the before and after photos," Claire says. "I was quite stunned!"

She isn't the only one who noticed. Family and friends, especially those she hadn't seen in a while, couldn't help but comment on how lush her lashes looked.

"I ran into one girl on the street while I was jogging in New York," Claire recalls. "She asked me if I was wearing false lashes, which I thought was very funny because I don't typically wear false lashes when I go for my morning run."

Claire is a big fan of Elizabeth Arden mascara, but she's been applying a lot less of it since she started using Latisse. However, she didn't begin the nightly regimen until she did her research about the efficacy and safety of the bimatoprost-based formula.

"I, like a lot of people, had some questions and concerns. I did a bit of homework, I talked to my doctor, and I looked at the website,, which is a great resource," she says. "I took great comfort in the fact that it's the only FDA-approved product of its kind."

Look for Claire and her longer, thicker, darker lashes at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, August 29.

Have you been using Latisse? Tell us about your own experience by leaving a comment below.

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    I work for a respected Plastic surgery office in Ann Arbor Michigan. With most of our products that we may decide to carry, the staff tries them out first. I can tell you Latisse does work like it says. Yes, you do have to continue using it because we do lose eyelashes everyday, so if the product isnt used daily the new growth doesn't get any product on them. So then we lose our long lashes as they cycle out. It is used like a eyeliner, not all over the lid. Some patients can experience redness around the eye, but out of the hundreds of patients that we have sold this product to, so far no one has had this happen. I agree that it can be costly, but I guess it depends on what you choose to spend your money on. For myself it has made a huge difference in the appearance of my eyes, so I will continue being a Latisse user.

  • samantha
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    after reading this chain, I went to my doctor and started using Latisse - it's been a few weeks and the difference is incredible. i love new beauty and daily candy!

  • val
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    This is my first day at this website and I am truly enjoying it. I've used latisse for 3 or 4 years. I use it not only on my eye lashes but also my eyebrows. It works. I use the tip of my index finger to apply. And only a small,small amount. I too am curious when the generic will appear. Anyone know?

  • Pam in Pennsylvania
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    My blue eyes are my facial focal point so I was scared by the threats of darkening irises after using Latisse. I also wasn't too frustrated with my lashes, but being blonde my lashes are light, so I wanted to give Latisse a try. After about 12 weeks I am utterly amazed at the transformation and couldn't recommend Latisse enough to people who want to play up the impact of their eyes. The results are just amazing! Side effects: I have had mild itching but nothing beyond that including no darkening of my eye lid skin or my eyes. My husband who rarely notices any of the steps I take to beautify complimented me on the new lashes. Wow! You will not be disappointed.

  • D
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    I've been using Latisse for 10 months and love the results! I manage to make a bottle last 3 months by using a fine eyeliner brush as the applicator (much less irritating than the hard plastic brushes that come with the product and uses less product to saturate the bristles). I realize the package insert says to use one brush per eye per application but I think that's only an issue if you suspect an eye infection. You don't use separate mascara brushes on a daily basis so why do so for Latisse?

  • Belinda
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    I have been using this product for a little over a year. I can't imagine life without it. It takes literarily seconds to apply and lasts longer than the 30 days. I have blue eyes so I was skeptical until I talked with the rep, Emily. She has blonde hair and blue eyes also. Any negative comments I've heard have been from people that have never used it. I LOVE it. Please do your research and talk with people that have actually used it. Testimonials are far more reliable.

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    Ms. Danes has discovered what more and more of my patients have discovered. Latisse works and with very infrequent side effects. I see many products and devices come through with all kinds of claims that usually don't pan out to be what the developing company says they are. Latisse works reliably on all patients across the board and is low risk.

  • Julie Hodge
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    Latisse is really working well for my patients, my office staff and for me! Everyone seems to respond and the results can be fabulous. Now that we are instructing patients to just use one drop in the cap and dip the applicator in so it is barely damp, we aren't even seeing irritation which was the one side effect I saw when the product first came out. Even so, if you do get irritation, you can skip a night and it goes away quickly. I have seen some mild darkening of the upper eyelid skin, but this is actually a bonus because it means you have to use less shadow to set off your eyes. I haven't seen any uneveness in the pigment and no problems with iris pigment.

  • Jean
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    I purchased latisse and haven't used it due to "once you start; you have to keep using it"! It takes weeks to notice a change and then if you stop it's in the past; people who use it have told me. Pretty expensive habit!

  • PF
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    Does anyone know when the generic will be out and under what name?

  • Beautyseeker
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    In the commercial, she applies the liquid to nearly her entire eye lid. Is this correct? I thought you only applied it to your lashline/lashbase like eye liner.

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    How long will it stay that way? Do you have to keep using Latisse to keep your lashes looking as long, full and dark as promised? Also would love to know how har dit was to use and what types of side effects have impacted daily life while using this product. I noticed crusted-looking and red skin around lashes during usage... It is great that the product is promising, but it would help if the usage process and period is discussed.

  • Mishka
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    Well ladies, you won't have to worrie much longer about paying the hefty price tag for Latisse. A generic version is being produced through a rival pharmaceutical company. Allergan had a great ride but it will soon be over.

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    Claire has always been one of my favorite actresses, and it was fantastic to talk to her. I really respect her as someone who can back up her beauty and talent with intelligence, which is why I think she makes such a trustworthy spokesperson for Latisse.

  • P.G.
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    The product IS quite remarkable when you look at the before and after photos - but my reaction wasn't "wow - how beautiful!" but "ewww her eyelids look so hairy." I think it's too much. I'm sure it looks wonderful on the red carpet and all - but for every day? I think it looks kind of silly. Personally I would find eyelashes THAT long kind of annoying. I already have long thick lashes and I have trouble sometimes wearing sunglasses and glasses because the lashes brush up against the lenses - but her lashes are now much longer than mine and I can't imagine how they would be comfortable behind lenses of any kind. I can see how the product would be great for somehow with very light short lashes - but for someone who already has average length lashes, this product seems to create a very extreme result.

  • mconancy
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    Barbara, I'm not a celebrity, but I can tell you this stuff works great! Not only do your lashes grow longer and fuller, your face becomes younger looking. It's a great investment and worth every penny.

  • Barbara
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    I really liked this segment. I think Claire Danes is beautiful and an exceptional actress. I was stunned at her before and after images. I am definitely going to look into this product. I also really enjoyed this type of write up and would like to see others with celebrity feedback.