Relax Wrinkles Topically With A British Botox Wannabe

Not quite comfortable with the idea of a Botox or Dysport injection? It's hard to find a similar effect in over-the-counter creams, but one that we just discovered makes a darn good effort.

British brand Planet Skincare uses proven wrinkle reducer Syn-ake in their headlining paraben-free product, Daily Moisturiser. This trademarked peptide potion inhibits excessive expressions and their consequent lines by blocking the neurotransmitters linked to facial tension.

In addition to this fast-acting function, the cream further supports a more youthful look by boosting collagen. Its blend of rose water, mango butter, passionflower, and vitamin E leave skin feeling immediately smooth, making dryness a distant memory.

It may not work as quickly or as intensively as an injectable denervating agent, but its effects are arguably comparable, especially for those who can't even look at a needle.