Could Your Spa Be Using Safer Candles?

When you buy candles for your home, you've probably noticed the growing array of natural-wax candles. But have you ever wondered what the candles adorning your favorite spa are made of?

More often than not, these "utility" candles are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum byproduct that contains a host of harmful chemicals like toluene, which has started being removed from nail polish formulas. The emissions from paraffin wax candles are barely a step up from car exhaust, turning your relaxing spa experience into a potentially toxic one.

That's why we're hoping GoodLight Natural Candles catch on in more spas. Unscented and simply white, these clean-burning candles are made of palm wax, from palm oil that has been obtained from farmers utilizing the most sustainable methods. They come in every conceivable candle form, from tea lights to pillars.

The appeal of paraffin candles is largely their affordability, but GoodLight extinguishes that argument with their ridiculously reasonable prices. There's just no reason for spas-or bars or restaurants or yoga studios-to pick paraffin.