Repair Sun Damage With Sophisticated Synergy

Your skin is perfectly capable of repairing the damage done to it by the sun-it just needs a little help. And with an extraordinary active concentrate by science-minded brand Boske, it gets that help and then some.

Molecular Repair boasts a never-before-seen combination of some of the most advanced ingredients and nature's most effectual extracts to trigger synergistic activity that adds up to noticeable improvement in damaged skin. But Boske doesn't just throw together buzz-word ingredients and hope they work. They've chosen each component meticulously and deliberately, aware of what they do individually and in combination with the other pieces of the puzzle.

The bulk of the repairing is done by three cutting-edge enzymes that have a restorative effect on DNA. The rejuvenation doesn't end there, though. Protection against further harm-free-radical and otherwise-is provided by vitamin E, carnosine, teprenone, black tea, olive, mango, apple and stem cell culture extract. Inflammation, one of the most elusive contributors to aging, is kept under control by evodia fruit, stable vitamin C, and a panthenol derivative.

It's apparent just from reading the box how much thought has been put into Molecular Repair; but it's most apparent when you start seeing healthier, more youthful skin from using what's in the box.