Fight Fade And Frizz With A Color-Coating Formula

Usually, when you hear the term "top coat," you think of either clear nail polish or an overcoat, but a Fekkai Advanced formula has the potential to forever shift that association to haircare.

Part of the Salon Technician Color Care collection, Anti-Fade Top Coat is a daily guardian of your color, creating a glossy barrier between it and environmental aggressors. The fast-drying, serum-like styling supplement stops frizz without giving hair an oily, weighed-down look.

Much of this magic is due to galanga root, an Asian member of the ginger family that naturally protects against UV rays. When it's mixed with wheat, rice bran and vitamin E like it is in Anti-Fade Top Coat, hair is fortified in a much-more-than-superficial way.

It's too easy to not use this light last step. A couple drops mean incalculable vibrancy.