A Tremendous Trio Of Tuberose Interpretations

I'm the ultimate tuberose enthusiast. I've never even held one in my hands-I just find myself repeatedly drawn to perfumes that call upon this dramatic flower as a central, sensual note. But despite being a fan, I've learned I'm not an expert-I had no idea how many ways it could be experienced. Histoires de Parfums, however, recently schooled me in the unexpected incarnations of tuberose.

This raconteur of a perfumery has created the remarkably diverse Tuberose Trilogy, three unique interpretations of tuberose that blend the fascinating flower with other essences in captivatingly curious ways.

Tubereuse 1, Capricieuse, is a powdery, unabashedly girly presentation of tuberose, with supporting notes of iris, ylang ylang, saffron, bergamot, cocoa and suede. Tubereuse 2, Virginale, is anything but what the name implies, putting forth a sexy, tropical vibe with frangipani, cherry, mandarin orange, and jasmine over a base of patchouli and vanilla.

Tubereuse 3, Animale, is my favorite of the trio, with its rich, almost masculine notes of tobacco and immortelle flower supporting an unusual combination of kumquat, neroli, plum and grass.

There's no need to play favorites, though. Bring home all three and just let your mood make the decision of which tuberose is truly you that day or night!