Plump Lips With A Peptide-Packed Potion

Not long ago, the beauty industry went through a phase where lip plumpers were the "it" product. But suddenly, the buzz faded, and new plumping products seemed to be few and far between.

Well, we've never lost our enthusiasm for lip plumpers, so we've continued looking under and off the radar for great new glosses. One of those fabulous formulas is Plumping Diva Lips by Prana.

Clear and touched with the tiniest hint of shimmer, Plumping Diva Lips goes on super-smooth and without any stinging or discomfort. That's because the plumping is done by a batch of peptides: a pentapeptide, oligopeptide, tetrapeptide and hexapeptide.

In just a matter moments, your lips look softer and fuller, nourished with a blend of gotu kola, niacin, and vitamin E. It's perfect for wearing alone or under a favorite-color gloss.

With delightful, effective formulas like this one, it's a wonder the world isn't still going wild over over lip plumpers. Plumping Diva Lips definitely deserves the attention.