A Spray To Supplement Your Straightening Iron

How hot does your flat iron get? Unless you've got a professional piece of equipment on your hands, it probably doesn't get anywhere near 450 degrees. But that's the kind of intense heat Sleek Mystique Haute Iron Spray can protect against.

Even though this TIGI Catwalk creation defends hair from super-harsh heat damage, it also enhances what that very same heat can do for your 'do. As you spray it on, it deposits shine- and smoothness-enhancing conditioners that leave you with an incredibly lustrous, perfectly straight finish.

Instead of leaving hair stiff like some of iron-assisting sprays, Haute Iron Spray actually improves combability, making it easier to style. And that style looks all the more alluring because the formula prevents the moisture loss that gives heat-straightened hair its telltale damaged look.

At the risk of sounding like Paris Hilton in 2007, that's hot.