Douse Dehydrated Skin In Healthy Dewiness

Amarté refers to their Aqua Veil Pure Hydration Serum as "magic water," but that's almost an insult to the ingredients-it's definitely not just water. Aqua Veil is brimming with smartly chosen botanical extracts that ensure beautifully balanced skin.

A super-light synergy of cucumber, mallow, elderberry, arnica, lichwort, ivy, lily and orchid is topped off by natural betaine, a positively charged compound that enhances the effects of this "magic water."

And what are those effects? Thirsty skin is thoroughly quenched, left with an unbelievably soft finish that's obvious to the touch and the eye. Aqua Veil even helps stabilize combination skin, improving both dehydrated and blemish-prone areas.

Magic water? More like a magic mixture.