Toothpaste That Takes A Cue From Skincare

You've probably used an exfoliating cleanser before-a formula that goes beyond getting you clean thanks to scrubbing particles that boost skin's brightness. Well, think of Colgate ProClincal Daily Whitening toothpaste as an exfoliating cleanser for your teeth.

Part of Colgate's new professionally inspired, high-performance collection, Daily Whitening offers all the tartar control and cavity prevention of a typical toothpaste, but it approaches whitening in an interesting new way.

Looking at the toothpaste on your toothbrush, you can easily spot the little specks: ProLuminex crystals. These tiny silica particles make a noticeable difference in stains in just a few weeks. Powerful enough to diminish surface discoloration without abrasively scratching up enamel, they buff teeth to a super-clean finish you can feel immediately.

It's one of the more enjoyable whitening toothpastes we've used, thanks to a really tasty mint and just-right frothiness. But what keeps us spreading it on our bristles every day is our smiles' increasing luminosity, which becomes more apparent with each use.