Silly Name, Serious Sun Protection

Supergoop! It could be anything. Glue, chewing gum, that slime in a plastic egg you used to buy for 25 cents from the little machines at the grocery store. But we wouldn't be telling you about any of those things.

No, in this case, Dr. T's Supergoop! (exclamation point included, of course) is a line of sunscreen, and we currently can't get enough of their Everyday Lotion with Parsol 1789 Plus.

This water-resistant formula, garnering an SPF 30+ rating, is made for the parts you expose most every day: your face and hands. Free of parabens, fragrances and propylene glycol, it features an antioxidant-rich blend of vitamins, blueberries, aloe, and sunflower for protection that goes beyond its four sun filters.

We love how it's hydrating enough to serve as a hand lotion, and yet it's light enough for any skin type to wear on the face. And c'mon-applying something called Supergoop! is kinda fun.