Beyoncé Turns Up The Heat With An Aromatic Ring

You've heard Beyoncé sing, "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it." Well, women liked her debut fragrance, Beyoncé Heat, so much that they made a ring out of it.

Heat has become hugely popular in the few months it's been available, selling tens of thousands of bottles an hour. So it's no surprise that its fans want to take it with them everywhere they go, and in a totally glamorous way.

That's why Coty has created a special solid perfume version of Heat encompassed in a red-jeweled statement ring. It captures the original eau de parfum's sexy blend of magnolia, neroli, orchid, peach, almond, honeysuckle, tonka bean and amber in a sensual balm that let's you dab it on whenever you want.

Needless to say, we like it, and we're gonna put this ring on it. ("It" being a finger.)