Your Freshest Face From A Kiwi Cleanser

Is there anything more honest than a completely clean face? It reveals the truest you. And whether or not you let everyone see you naked from the neck up, we all have to wash our faces every day. And thanks to Karen Murrell, the method can be as pure as the result.

Inspired by her ancestors, New Zealand settlers who made their own skincare products, Karen Murrell puts as many organic ingredients into her products as possible, and Pure Honesty Cleansing Gel is no exception. This 75% organic, 99.5% natural face wash gently removes dirt and makeup while depositing the beneficial oils of tamanu, manuka, lemon, lime, rose and geranium bourbon. Carrageenan, olive leaf and witch hazel extracts make for a clarifying and fortifying formula.

With this captivating botanical blend, you may find you love the look and feel of your bare face so much that you skip makeup more often!

We think Karen Murrell is going to hit the U.S. in a huge way, but until then, you can be among the first in-the-know Americans to use her prettily packaged products by ordering from New Zealand's Net Pharmacy, which is happy to ship internationally.