Easier Straightening, Even In Humidity

Getting wavy and curly hair straight can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Keeping it that way in humid weather is another story. But the latest creation from Sudzz FX not only makes it easier to get straight, it also keeps it that way.

Level Straight goes on before blow-drying to make that tedious section-pulling project more effective and less tiresome. The formula brings together science and nature-with extracts from cucumber, parsley, asparagus, sandalwood and wheat-to give hair damage-resistant smoothness.

Amazingly, Level Straight virtually fills in the vulnerable sections of your strands where humidity would seep in and un-straighten, so your style looks sleek against the muggiest odds. It even helps maintain the results of professional keratin treatments.

We think a bottle should be issued to every woman on the east coast at the start of summer! But since that's wishful thinking, you can find it at salons around the country.