Recharge Challenging Hair With A Before-Shampoo Balm

I'm always looking for ways to squeeze in a little extra conditioning for my coarse hair. Typically, I'll tack on a leave-in or deep conditioner to the end of my in-shower routine, but recently I switched things up by putting Finesse ReVitality Stimulate & Refine Scalp Balm ahead of everything else.

This creamy concoction is a pre-shampoo treatment that really reawakens the scalp and roots-the source of hair's health. Collagen and coenzyme Q10, ingredients you'd expect in skincare, have a repairing, restoring effect that softens even the roughest hair, like that of yours truly.

The pleasant scent hides one of the most invigorating components, menthol, which you can definitely sense after a minute or two. Surrounded by silk amino acids, soy protein, niacin and other vitamins, it makes its presence known with both the sensation and results it helps provide.

Stimulate & Refine Scalp Balm performs like an individualized salon treatment, but at about $5, it makes more touchable, vivacious hair accessible to everyone.