A Nail-Strengthening Solution For After Acrylics

Whether you wear acrylics for an extended period of time or a special occasion, the damage is obvious when they come off. Your nails look and feel thin and soft. But they don't have to stay that way.

Duri touts Rejuvacote as a "nail growth system," which intrigued us, since systems are usually made up of multiple products. But this single bottle contains all you need to bring embattled nails back to life.

Fortified with protein of the wheat, soy and keratin kind, the transparent formula goes on unvarnished nails, and then as a top coat should you choose to apply polish. It's applied every day for a week, and then removed, revealing significantly stronger nails.

You can keep using it every other day or so to keep seeing improvement. And perhaps, with time, you won't even want to get acrylics again because your nails look great on their own!