A Beauty Berry Becomes A Bar Star

Click on the acai tag below and you'll see that we've covered over 20 products featuring what's been called the ultimate antioxidant fruit. Correctly spelled açaí, complete with cedilla and accent, this dark berry is permeating the beauty and wellness scene, showing up in everything from creams to conditioners to supplements.

Now, açaí has found its way into unusually healthy cocktails. VeeV Açaí Spirit is the first of its kind, incorporating the berry's super-strong antioxidant content. Already tasty on its own, the açaí is surrounded by hints of prickly pear and acerola cherry, which are no antioxidant slackers themselves.

Consumed responsibly, VeeV has the potential to be more beneficial than red wine. And at the very least, it can be consumed more creatively, with seemingly endless cocktail combinations.

In addition to its taste and health perks, we also love that $1 goes to supporting sustainable farming every time a bottle is sold.