Make Your Legs More Lovely With A Multitasking Moisturizer

Nivea has really thought of everything. Well aware that our legs are usually the palest part of our body-at least out of the parts we regularly expose-they created a gradual tanning moisturizer just for our lower limbs.

Summer Beauty Smooth Legs contains a hint of DHA in its botanically boosted blend of hydrating ingredients, so your color changes a little every day. But this clever concoction isn't just a glow-building formula.

Summer Beauty Smooth Legs is also touted as a shave minimizer! It keep legs looking smoother longer thanks to hair-control components. And the less you have to shave, the less tan-fading razor exfoliation you have to subject your legs to. Brilliant!

We love how simple Nivea has made it to beautify such a high-maintenance part of our bodies!