Chew Over A Yummy New Energy-Boosting Option

Energy drinks started out as a fad, but they soon proved to be a ubiquitous standard in convenience store fridges and even bars. Still, not everyone likes chugging a super-sweet beverage just to get a boost, and no one likes the seemingly inevitable crash that eventually comes. That's why a decorated swimmer saw a need for an alternative.

Japan's Setsuko Hansen wanted to create an option specifically for women. One that tastes better than the current assortment of energy drinks-one that isn't a drink at all! So she came up with Movit, touted as "performance gummies for the active woman."

Each little baggy contains 60 calories of truly tasty gummies that are a joy to ingest. And even though it feels like eating candy, Movit provides a number of benefits-most notably, natural energy from the caffeine, theophylline an theobromine of guarana. In addition to its ability to enhance alertness, this shrub's extracts are said to support weight loss, enhance athleticism, and even help alleviate headaches.

Movit sets itself apart from energy drinks not just with its gummy form, but with its supplement-like nutritional values, too. It's packed with multiple B vitamins, like riboflavin and niacin, as well as vitamin C, folic acid, and coenzyme Q10, which create a support system for multiple functions of a woman's body-from circulation to skin to metabolism.

And Movit is especially advantageous for women because a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research. They'll even donate five cents for every empty bag you return to them.