Are Kelly's Slimmer Curves Due To Spanx?

Once overweight and under the influence, Kelly Osbourne has done an amazing job losing weight. Due in part to a stint on Dancing With The Stars, the petite rock progeny has reportedly shed over 40 pounds.

However, despite all the hard work she put into her transformation, UK newspaper the Daily Mail recently downplayed her achievement by saying her slenderizing secret is Spanx, the control garments loved by celebrities and average Janes alike.

"The star was snapped yesterday wearing Spanx-style underwear under her flowing multicoloured dress, as she made her way to the Gay Pride Parade," the article read, alongside a photo showing a couple inches of a nude-colored undergarment which may or may not actually be Spanx. (See it here.)

In fact, Kelly explained on Twitter that it just a slip, expressing her disappointment in such a mean-spirited report.

Ultimately, even if Kelly was wearing Spanx, we don't see anything wrong with that! Spanx may be borderline miraculous when it comes to smoothing lumps, but they won't make you look 40 pounds thinner-Kelly clearly did that on her own.

Control garments are simply a way to make clothing lay on one's body a little better, and if Kelly-or anyone-wants to wear them, we say, more (slimming) power to you!