Patch Up Body Odor With A Deodorant Alternative

Find deodorants irritating? Solids, sprays and roll-ons could be a thing of the past if a new invention by a UK company catches on.

Odegon Technologies has created a rectangular patch that can be sewed or ironed into the armpit area of clothing in order to act as an alternative to deodorant. Made of an activated carbon (charcoal) mesh, it relies on a highly absorbent nanomaterial that traps sweat molecules in the structure of the material until the garment is washed.

Unlike many deodorants, the patch is free of chemicals, getting its functionality from its extremely porous, highly advanced construction. Its effectiveness is said to last through multiple washings or dry cleanings.

Would you switch your traditional deodorant for a patch like this? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.