Oil That Undoes Damaged Hair's Frizz

After trying virtually every texture that smoothing styling products come in-cream, lotion, serum, spray, etc.-I'm convinced that the only format that really takes my hair to the next frizz-free level is oil. And I'm not too reticent to admit that Sojourn Monoi Oil Hair Treatment definitely helped me realize that.

A year ago, I'd never heard of Sojourn. Today, I cannot leave the house without using this fragrant oil. It tackles the issues of the most damaged hair with a fast-absorbing combination of coconut oil, gardenia, linseed, and dimethicone, changing each coated strand's surface instantly.

I use Monoi Oil Hair Treatment on both wet hair and as my last step on dry hair. Finer hair might not be able to take such a rich formula on a finished style, but my naturally puffy, thick hair reacts exactly how I want it to. It looks suddenly smoother, softer and shinier, in a way that has brought me more compliments than I can ever remember getting since deciding to grow long locks.

I'm pretty low on my current bottle, so if I don't but a replacement now, I'm likely to fall into an emotional funk-it's that good. I think I'll find a salon that sells it right now.