A Doubly Firming Neck Formula

We expect our neck creams to fight lines and sagging skin, which is exactly what 3LAB's new Perfect Neck Cream does. But what makes it so "perfect" is the fact it doesn't stop at just the basic anti-aging actions.

There's no doubt that this cream is an overachiever when it comes to fighting the telltale signs of aging. Its super-sophisticated blend of bio-engineered growth hormone, minerals, amino acids, marine microorganisms, and botanical antioxidants and brighteners endow skin with the power to perk up, defend itself against wrinkles and look more radiant. However, it goes further than most neck creams by also acting like a slimming solution.

In addition to firming sagging skin, Perfect Neck Cream firms fatty areas, too. An ingredient called Ovaliss is said to reduce the look of a double chin by more than 60%, thanks to a natural component that decreases thickness.

Some may grumble that Perfect Neck Cream costs twice as much as other neck creams, but we think its uncommon extra effects make it well worth the $120 tag.