A Beloved Lash Booster Get Even Better

Talika has been in the lash-enhancing business for years, but despite their obvious prowess, they saw room for improvement in their own hugely popular Lipocils formula.

The result of some inspired tweaking is the new Lipocils Expert, which still promises more luscious lashes in 28 days, but with more scientific support than even their previously proven formula. It finds its growth-stimulating power in natural extracts like apple, nettle, and witch hazel, while enhancing curl with silk proteins and polymers.

Lipocils Expert stands out from its predecessor in multiple ways. For example, it includes a tropical plant extract called coleus that safely deepens lashes' color. And the results are protected by baobab and orange, not to mention peptides that strengthen each strand.

We love the new applicator, which combines the traditional mascara-style brush with a sponge tip, for the most thorough distribution possible. But we especially love the better-than-ever results!