A Lifted Look From A Fast-Firming Serum

The Arctic may be famous for its frozen terrain, but the plants that manage to grow there have freezing abilities of their own-sort of.

Lumene relies on the age-inhibiting power of arctic botanicals in their Time Freeze Instant Lift Serum. Touted as a "magic drops beautifier," it instantly allows skin to look smoother and firmer, thanks to a synergistic blend of ingredients that includes arctic heather and arctic white peat.

Because of its quick impact, Lumene-and we-recommend this serum as a pre-makeup pick-me-up for dull, tired skin. But because it has just as many long-term effects as it does short-term ones, it's a must for everyday wrinkle prevention and elasticity maintenance.

Instant Lift Serum may "freeze time," but your face will never look frozen-just subtly lifted into a more youthful appearance.