A Transforming Foam For Fine, Flat Hair

At first glance, Jonathan's new Infinite Volume Thickening Foam looks like... well... water. But with a just a pump, it transforms into a luscious mousse-and it transforms fine hair, too.

This remarkable formula takes a cue from skincare by using nanotechnology to get deeper into its target. Once its hard-working blend of weightless natural oils and polymers get inside the cuticle, it makes thin hair expand from the inside out.

Like any mousse, Infinite Volume Thickening Foam serves as a styling product, but it does so much more than just shape your strands. As it plumps hair into a fuller form, healthy extracts of pear, papaya, citrus fruits and yerba mate provide protection, shine, and vitamin-rich nourishment.

The juicy scent is downright addictive, but then again, so are the plush results this foam produces.