Skin-Improving Stems Cells In An Unconventional Cleanser

As apple stem cell make more appearances in skincare, they're usually reserved for creams and serums. But in the new Eclos line, they're present in every product, including the cleanser-highly unusual.

It's also unusual for a cleanser to make an anti-aging impact on its own, but that's exactly what the Skin Prep Facial Cleanser does. That's largely due to the aforementioned stem cells, which support cellular rejuvenation, but that's not where the botanical skin boost stops.

Eclos includes a complex of various extracts-including that of horse chestnut, ginkgo, gotu kola, green tea, turmeric, cucumber, willow bark, ylang ylang and more-to firm, calm, hydrate and smooth while cleansing without sulfates.

As if this face wash could get even more unusual, there's the price: $15. All these facets make Skin Prep a true rarity in the skincare realm.