Scrub Sensitive Skin Without Scratching It Up

You know how important exfoliation is, but if typical body scrubs are too harsh on your sensitive skin, you've probably skipped it too many times to count. Neglecting to exfoliate, however, can leave that sensitive skin congested, rough and dull.

Unlike most body scrubs, Avene's unambiguously named Gentle Body Scrub manages to do the work of the most abrasive exfoliators without the inevitable irritation.

In accordance with the brand's other high-tolerance formulas, this scrub approaches sensitive skin mercifully, all the while unclogging, smoothing and softening skin with a combination of jojoba beads and a salicylic acid derivative. Even gentler than most cleansers, it accomplishes clarity and radiance without any discomfort.

We love that Avene has not only recognized how essential exfoliation is for all skin types, but how they actually made it possible.