An Exceptional Exfoliator For Superior Self-Tanning Results

We've written about plenty of self-tanners here on DailyBeauty, but this write-up will not be about Beautisol's self-tanners. It's not that this budding brand's formulas aren't absolutely amazing-they are. But what we really want to tell you about is their pre-self-tanner exfoliator, because if we trust anyone to get our skin ready for the most even color possible, it's a self-tanner specialist.

The saucily named Go Slough Yourself Dual Action Scrub is one of the most thorough exfoliators we've ever encountered. That's largely because it makes sure to really rid skin of dead cells two ways: manually and chemically. The little beads, made from diatomaceous earth, give a good physical scrubbing, while salicylic acid breaks old cells away from newer ones. (It also has the extra benefit of helping to clear and prevent breakouts.)

The rest of this paraben-free recipe is packed with other healthy ingredients that further prep your skin for a gorgeous, golden glow. Antioxidant picks like acai, passionflower and honeysuckle protect skin from age-inducing free radicals, because, as everyone knows, a tan looks better on youthful-looking skin.

After you "Slough Yourself"-body and face-you can use your favorite self-tanner with extra confidence. But we'd be remiss to not recommend one of Beautisol's methodically developed, stink-free formulas.