Body Wash With A Bewitching Bouquet

Two facts about me: I prefer bar soap over body wash, and I can't stand the smell of lavender. So when a sample of Bath Nation's Bath Gelée made its way to my desk, decorated with illustrations in telltale light purple, I wasn't particularly motivated to try it-that is, until I saw that the fragrance wasn't just lavender, but lavender and violet. I love violet.

A conundrum, indeed.

Willingness to try products you're reluctant about is part of being a beauty editor, so needless to say, I brought it home and put it in the shower. And in the shower it stayed for several days before I reminded myself that it's not just another lavender-scented skin-pampering product and finally used it.

Imagine my surprise when I wasn't assaulted by one of my least favorite smells as I washed with the Bath Gelée. Instead, it emitted a hybrid scent that hardly resembled either flower-one that I truly enjoyed, which is good since it lingered on my skin long after bathing.

I also liked the healthy feeling the formula left on my skin, thanks to nourishing ingredients like panthenol and protein from soy and wheat, which are found in every version of Bath Gelée.

I never thought I'd say this, but I could really get used to this lavender- (and violet-) scented body wash.