Reduce Wrinkles And Spots Simultaneously

Some of us see wrinkles as our biggest aging enemy, while others consider discoloration the bane of their maturation. Then there are those of us who have the worst of both worlds. Lines and spots don't even look good together on fabric, let alone skin.

Instead of using separate products to address each issue, EGF Reactivator has a singular solution that tackles two problems: Double Action Perfect Aging Control Cream.

This silky formula reduces the look of wrinkles with a powerful hexapeptide that counteracts the effects of repeated facial expressions. Fine lines are also helped along by the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid.

Instead of stopping there, the cream also tends to hyperpigmentation with its combination of arbutin and mulberry, decreasing the appearance of excess melanin from sun damage and other sources of discoloration.

We like not having to choose between which skin trouble to treat; and we really like seeing a change for the better with both.