Serum That Out-Moisturizes Moisturizers

We're all for moisturizers that perform like treatments, so how could we be opposed to serums that perform like moisturizers? That's exactly what Perlier's desert rose-inspired Extreme Regenovive Hydro-Zone Serum does. In fact, it may outperform moisturizers.

Hydro Zone gives thirsty areas the moisture they need as they needs it, thanks to trehalose, a natural disaccharide with antioxidant properties. Teamed with hyaluronic acid, it's an unbeatable hydrator.

This is especially apparent when you see how your dehydrated fine lines are plumped out. Your skin looks smoother, and over time, firmer and less fatigued.

Its texture makes it perfect as a makeup primer, so you may even-gasp!-skip your moisturizer!